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Bremerhaven, with around 114,000 inhabitants, is the only major city on the North Sea. The city numbers among the largest port cities in Europe and is a major export center of Germany. In addition, the city is an important location for science and research and has got an award from the Donors' Association for German Science titled "Science City". Bremerhaven is located geographically at the mouth of the rivers Weser and Geeste. Together with the town Bremen that is located some 60 kilometers in the south, it constitutes the state “Free Hanseatic City of Bremen”.

Among museums about the Bremerhaven, shipping and the North Sea, the city boasts very interesting buildings and attractions. The “Klimahaus Bremerhaven 8° Ost” is on the Old Haven and presents in a unique way in four exhibition areas (travel, elements, prospects, opportunities) topics of climate and climate change. The “Klimahaus” was honored with the “Clean Tech Media Award” in the category “culture and media”.
Also very interesting is the historic harbor directly in the city with many museum ships. The port shows the world's last wooden commercial sailing ship - the barque "Seute Deem" - and other old ships of the museum's maritime fleet and large objects on land. Dive into the world of shipping and book a cheap private room from our accommodation service Bremerhaven.

If you want to experience the sea firsthand you can admire it on one of the many sea-tours that show the seal colonies, the fishing port with its huge storage warehouses, docks and dockyards or the container terminal with the longest riverside quay in the world.

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Bremerhaven sightseeing

Klimahaus Bremerhaven 8° Ost
The worldwide unique learning and experience exhibition illustrates different climate zones of the earth via stunning spatial experiences, large aquariums, multimedia installations and any other part of interactive exhibits all around the subject of climate. The exhibition is divided into four subject areas: travel, elements, prospects and opportunities. Visitors are shown the different climate zones on the continents and can see how people live in these climates.
The international ports
The international ports cover an area of 7.8 million square meters and are composed from the container terminal, auto terminal, ro-ro facilities, fruit terminal, cargo terminal and the cruise-terminal Columbuskaje. The container terminal "Wilhelm Kaisen" is one of the fastest and safest harbors in the world and among the largest container ports in Europe. The 2 million square meters car terminal, which handles more than 1.3 million cars yearly, is one of the largest in the world.
Here you can learn all about the sea and fish. With mirror kaleidoscopes you can see the creation of the earth, oceans and life. In addition, you can marvel at a 150,000 liters marine aquarium with cold water fish, which swarm around a sunken wreck. You will also receive information about the work in the fishing port, on polar- and marine-research, the Arctic and North Sea.

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